Pennsylvania System of Care: #GotYourBackChallenge

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year we want to shine a light on mental health using the power of social media!

All individuals are invited to join in on the fun using the #GotYourBackChallenge across their social media accounts. The #GotYourBackChallenge is a social media challenge created by the York County Human Services System of Care, after conducting a number of focus groups with students in grades 7 – 12 across York County.

When asked about their relationship with mental health, these students bravely shared the challenges they face. Students shared that mental health challenges feel lonely and isolating. They often feel like they are the only ones struggling, and asking for help from peers or family members is a challenge. Bringing it up seems weird, awkward or silly.

But overwhelmingly, students also deeply desire to feel supported — and they want their peers to know that they are also here as a resource for them. To let others know, “I’ve Got Your Back.” Hence, the challenge theme was born.

To get you inspired, here is a PSA featuring real words of students sharing “what they wish their parents knew” about their experiences with mental health: PSA VIDEO


NOTE: This is a national campaign. If you prefer to participate in a more local campaign, click here for information on the Free Your Feels initiative.