How do I access services?

A provider is an organization that offers behavioral health services to families. 

There are many ways that families can access services and resources through their local provider. Four ways are explained below.

NOTE: Your insurance plan may dictate your eligibility for some services. For those who may not have insurance, insurance enrollment and assistance may be available through your community’s provider. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Local Interagency Planning Teams: Your Gateway to Connection and Access

The Local Interagency Planning Team (LIPT) is a team of child-serving agencies and community supports that work together to coordinate services for youth with behavioral health challenges and their families. LIPTs work side-by-side with the family to ensure their needs are met.

Families may refer themselves to their community’s LIPT by clicking the LIPT Chair List below and then reaching out to their community’s LIPT chair to schedule a meeting.

If you have questions about LIPTs or how to connect with your LIPT chair, you can contact us at

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